Subject is Subjective


Pastel Motel self-released their experimentally tracked debut album "Subject is Subjective" in December of 2013. Their debut is a multifaceted concept album following the story of a fictional character in an allegory of human nature. The band used ambient soundscapes to help aid the story, embedding sounds behind the music that directly correspond with the protagonist's surroundings. 

This first album has received considerable attention from online publications, including the band's local entertainment column, On Magazine, who said of the album, “Your indie-rock friends will like it. Your punk-rock friends will like it. Your classic-rock friends will like it. Your grandma might even like it; Pastel Motel is that accessible. That’s a neat trick for a band with this kind of depth and creativity”.  Good Night Magazine said of their debut’s lyrical concept, “There is no denying the power of the sentiments contained within and I hope that the intense pain laid into the fabric of these songs did not come from personal life tragedy, and I'm afraid that that's the only way the emotions could feel so personal and genuine.”