E. A St.


Pastel Motel self-released their sophomore album "E. A St." in May of 2016. The latest release showcases the group's songwriting at its most progressive, while also being its poppiest. These opposing musical forces fit perfectly into the band's established, unique style, as well as E. A St.'s overarching theme of duality. Lyrically the album reveals duality in everything from two-faced media & politics, to the 20-minute epic about a girl with contrasting personalities. 

On Magazine said that E. A St. "is a full-on Brian-Wilson-gone-crazy, maximalist prog-punk picture of self-indulgence. And it is great... And, while that kind of unchecked self-assurance is admirable in a band, it can also pretty easily lead to an Icarus-too-close-to-the-sun type situation. That it doesn’t in the case of “E. A St.” is a testament to Pastel Motel’s inventiveness and musical cohesion. Even more than that, it’s a testament to the band’s energy."